Excellent perfumes are made from highest quality fragrances. Only precious natural fragrances with an incomparable character and based on a combination of hundreds of ingredients, which are again characterized by their origin, are used for Richard Lüscher Briots perfumes. A handful of passionate farmers, which have an outstanding understanding for the “Terroir”, the quality of the fragrances and which are capable of the original craft of extracting those fragrances, were chosen as partners by Richard Lüscher Britos. They deliver the precious raw material with which the “Terroir” perfumes are made.


The refining of natural fragrances to outstanding perfume creations is a huge challenge for every perfumer. Natural fragrances volatilize quicker and due to their complex composure they are a lot less predictable than their synthetic imitations. For this reason, since the introduction of synthetic raw material, those perfumers who know the craft of perfume creation with natural raw material have become very rare. Richard Lüscher Britos have traced those perfumers which with enthusiasm agreed to create the challenging natural masterpieces.


By handcraft and by using a secret formula, one fragrance - of Richard Lüscher Britos - after the other is mixed together. To allow for the precious raw materials to unite to a perfume they need to rest for four weeks. After that some biological alcohol and magicnutwater are added. This mixture needs to mature for an additional four weeks to become a high concentrated perfume. Richard Lüscher Britos is committed to reach the highest possible quality and freshness.





Richard Lüscher Britos


Florastrasse 18a

CH - 8610 Uster



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